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Friday, May 21, 2004


Oh, me! Oh, my! A High Priest Became a צדוקי!

Forgive the sarcasm, folks, but there is a limit to how much stupidity anyonecan endure.

This was intended to show me the error of my ways somehow:

"Do not believe in yourself until the day of your death, for Yehoshua was the High Priest for some eighty years, left the fold and rebelled against the Rabbis and became a Sadducee in his later years". (Ethics of the Fathers).

Doreen Dotan Answers:

11:33 21 May 2004

There are many cites in תורה that will explain what the merit of צדוק הכהן was in the time that both דוד and שלמה were the Kings of ישראל. It was צדוק הכהן who anointed שלמה King.

ומשח אתו שם צדוק הכהן ונתן הנביא למלך על-ישראל ותקעתם בשופר ואמרתם
יחי המלך לשלמה

מלכים א' א : לד

We will prove here only that the exclusive right to the High
Priesthood rests only with בני צדוק.

The King in the next passage is שלמה.

ויתן המלך את-בניהו בן-יהודע תחתיו על-הצבא ואת-צדוק הכהן נתן המלך תחת אביתר

מלכים א' ב : לה

We know from the following passages that after being appointed הכה
הראש the exclusive right to the High Priesthood remained with בני-צדוק from the following passages:

ונתתה אל-הכהנים הלוים אשר הם מזרע צדוק הקרבים אלי נאם אדנ-י ה' לשרתני פר בן-בקר לחטאת

יחזקאל מג : יט

והכהנים הלוים בני צדוק אשר שמרו את-משמרת מקדשי בתעות בני-ישראל מעלי המה יקרבו אלי לשרתני ועמדו לפני להקריב לי חלב ודם נאם אדנ-י ה' -
שם,מד : טו

We see, then, that it is only בני צדוק who because of their loyalty to HaShem and to the Kings of ישראל, were found worthy to serve as High Priests in the Temples.

Therefore, it is utter nonsense to say that a High Priest became a
צדוקי . It is more nonsense still to say that there is some sin in
being a צדוקי, for תורה tells us that it is צדוק הכהן and his
descendants who kept the תורה when ישראל made themselves vile. But, then, we are growing accustomed to encountering such twaddle as the evidence mounts that the Pharisaic/Rabbinic Judaism is riddled with nonsense and is the portion of fools. If we are honest in learning תנ"ך we will see that it is nothing new that ישראל makes itself vile by trying to mix תורה and עבודה זרה. Such is Pharisaic/Rabbinic Judaism. Only בני צדוק remained separate from that.

One of those ignoramuses who cannot discern that s/he practices pseudo-Judaism provides damning evidence against the Pharisaic/Rabbinic tradition on the Forum of on an almost daily basis when attempting,pathetically, to defend the Pharisaic/Rabbinic tradition, which, we are coming to see, is indefensible.

I will quote one more פסוק from תורה that the Pharisees/Rabbis don't want you to pay attention to. In the following passage HaShem is speaking to אליהו הנביא :

והשארתי בישראל שבעת אלפים כל-הברכים אשר לא-כרעו לבעל וכל-הפה אשר לא-נשק לו

מלכים א' יט : יח

My dear brothers and sisters, the Rabbis who are getting their
salaries from the government, which is getting its money from
America, who are "teaching" you are not only bowing to Ba'al they are kissing his ...

Think on it.

שבת שלום ומבורך
דורין דותן, צפת