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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Answers To Some FAQ's About the HaYachad
While doing background research of the Scrolls for my upcoming book that will demonstrate the final refutation of the tenets of Xianity, I came upon a number of passages that answer some elementary questions that have been posed to me a number of times.
It is commonly assumed that all of the members of HaYachad were male and some are of the opinion that they were celibate, this based on ancient reports of their way of life.  However, that which they write about themselves contradicts this. See: 4Q249a (4Qpap crypt Serekh HaEdaha), Frg. 1. Parallel: 1QSa I 4-8; 4Q249e (4Qpap cryptA Serekh HaEdahe) QueFrgs. I-3, Parallel: 1QSa I 5-10, 12; 4Q249g (4Qpap cryptA Serekh HaEdahg).
A noteworthy cite demonstrates the interpretation of HaYachad as to what "ayin tachat ayin, shen tachat shen" (an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth) means: to wit: That if a person hits his slave or maidservant and knocks out an eye or a tooth he is to set the person free and pay for the slave's or maidservant's time of unemployment and complete cure. See: 4Q251 (4Q Halakhah) Fragment 8 (formerly 4) 1-3.
Somejone once asked me if HaYachad used a mechitzah.  I have treated this question before.  Clearly they did not, as evidenced in their laws concerning sitting in a Sukkah on the holiday (which may coincide with Shabbat) , or on Shabbat Chol HaMo'ed. Now we find a passage that speaks about Shabbat specifically. See:4Q265 (Miscellaneous Rules) Fragment 6 verse 4.
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan