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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Space & Time as Described by a Vastly More Encompassing System Than Classical Math

If you think you understand math, and if you think you don't understand math because you just don't geddit, this is a must see video for you.

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Classical math is one very small subset of a vastly more comprehensive mathematics.

Herein, I introduce that math and demonstrate the time and space it describes.

There are errata in the video:

I should have said that one of the values of ב is 1001^-998.

Also, I said that another of the values of ב, the simplest value of which is 2, is 1001 x 2000 = 2,002,000. That is correct, but the careful viewer will notice that it is a product of ב x ב, not ב x א. It is a correct value of ב with the diacritical grammatical point, which doubles its value.

Finally, I gave values for the letter ח when I intended ז. The correct basic values for the letter ז are: 7, 1006, 2005, 3004, 4003, 5002, 6001 and 7000.

I stated the value 4 for the letter ד both at the beginning and the end of the list of basic values. It should be: 4, 1003, 2002, 3001, 4000.

For more background see: