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Friday, April 23, 2004


More Cliche Accusations

We have the Neo-Essenes. And now, shock horror: the Neo-Sabbateans!

And judging by their site, it looks like they mean business!

The Baal Shem Tov said that Shabbetai Zvi had a spark of the Moshiach in him. And the Alter Rebbe that the Shechinah wailed when the Frankists left the Jewish fold.

If something exists, it must have a spark of truth in it.

From a Lurianic Messianic viewpoint, those few sparks residing in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sabbateanism, Buddhism, Capitalism, Communism, Nazism and even Atheism, have to be disencumbered from them, elevated to Kedushah, leaving the emptied husk to wither & disappear.

Doreen Dotan Responded:

21:36 22 Apr 2004

You can put Chaba"d in a distinguished place on your list.

POINT OF INFORMATION FOR THE PUBLIC: HaRav Auerbach, Head of the Beit Din in T'veria, has forbidden Chaba"d sh'chitah because their kavvanot during the time of sh'chitah are heretical.

Today the safest kashrut is Landau and Bada"tz for meat and everything else. HaRav Machpuz is the greatest authority on chakla'ut in Eretz Yisra'el today according to the Rabbinc tradition. When it comes to buying produce he is the ultimate authority that we have to rely on.

Chaba"d are the last to know that they are inching out of the pale. The only reason that they have not been excommunicated is that they provide such good amusement. They are the laughingstock of the Orthodox world.

Personally I have mixed feelings about Chaba"d sh'chitah. On the one hand I know they do have all kinds of unkosher kavvanot when they shecht. On the other hand I am loathe to reject their kashrut as it is one more step in ousting them from the fold. I would not buy Chaba"d shchitah, but for the time being if it is served at friends' houses I will eat it. Yes, I do have Chaba"d friends, even though the way is errant and Chaba"d attracts as many loo-loo chozrim b'tshuvah as does Breslov, there are individuals in both Chaba"d and Breslov whom I like very much as individuals. Chaba"d in particular, but Breslov too, attracts two basic types of people - confused, needy individuals who grasp at any straw handed out to them to help them have some sense of stability and purpose and those who prey on them. This is not always the case, certainly, but the rare instance in which it is not true serves to prove that in in most cases this is true.

Unfortunately Chab"adnikim are completely convinced of the correctness of their way and are quite sure that the rest of the Jewish world are just not spiritual enough to understand what they're on about. Indeed, Chaba"d hype is built on culturing a sense of belonging to the elite of Jewry in their adherents, people who because of profound feelings of inferiority desperately need to cling to an illusion such as this. If they continue that line of thought they will fall over the edge at some point.

It's interesting that Chaba"d are so obsessed with other heretics and so quick to accuse others of heresy. Offen ganif brent das hittle.