בס"ד This is a blog for Jews who feel a sense of deep identification with HaYachad (Dead Sea Sect). This group is for Jews who feel nostalgia and longing for a Judaism that was, and a profound yearning for it to be again. Our way leads to the Self-realization and, on an even more deeply satisfying level, the Mutual-Realization of Mashi'ach. That is what differentiates us from HaPrushim. NO MATERIAL HERE IS TO BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

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Saturday, April 10, 2004


With Hashem's help, I'd like to discuss the inyanim
(issues, topics) of Mashiach (Messiah) and Cohen Tzedek (The
Righteous Priest) which are probably the inyanim which piqued your
interest in HaIsi'im (The Essenes) in the first place.

It seems necesary that we discuss how it is that That Which has no
attributes demands of us to attain certain attributes which are
considered Godly. Indeed, with HaShem's help we will learn to think
more paradoxically, so that we may directly experience the paradox of
our existence - that of the non-being which is, and the being which
is not.

With HaShem's hanhagah and hanchiah (guidance and directive) we will
come to understand our true purpose in creation and fulfill it to the
very best of our ability.

This group will present the Jewish way, the most absolute,
uncompromising Jewish way of those who care nothing for the pleasures
of this world if they are not based on JUSTICE. Much of what you
will read here exists in other religions too. Much of it is specific
to Judaism. What you will see here may not feel comfortable to you.
In that case, know that your Soul is meant to tread another way and
by, attaching yourself to HaShem according to the understanding of
your own Soul and the tradition that has been passed down to you from
your progenitors in the language/s of your People, that way will be
shown to you.

With blessings,
Doreen Dotan