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Monday, September 06, 2004


The following was on the Tzfat Forum
22:48 6 Sep 2004

Now that the truth about Essenism is coming out

We have hope and compassion and patience that Doreen in her own moment of terror of the truth will return to Phariseeism and Talmudism and and observance in her newly one respect in Safed's Torah pillars the Ari and Yosef Karo, instead of constantly deprecating them and their successors.

I answered (Despite the fact that I couldn't make out exactly what this person tried to say due to the horrendous sentence structure:


Everything on that site bears out exactly what I have written about HaYachad, which is often in contradiction to the viewpoint of the scholars, particularly Xian scholars, as well as Rabbinic Jews.

Of course HaYachad did not live in poverty. That would have been in contravention of the teachings of Shlomo HaMelekh who prescribed neither poverty nor wealth, but the golden mean. They lived in simplicity, not poverty.

It is highly unlikely that the cosmetics cases were theirs, as they considered anointing with oils impurity except in the context of HaAvodah and their way was devoted to humility.

As for their scrolls containing ordinary Judaism: That too is exactly as Doreen has said. Theirs was normative Judaism. It is Rabbinic Judaism that is the aberration.

There are decided differences between their parshanut and that of the Prushim, who compromised the Torah in many respects. It cannot be said that they agreed with the Prushim on all points. There are too many diatribes in their works against the Prushim for it to be assumed that they were not a separate group.

It is very likely that during the seige and destruction of Yerushalayim that various Jewish groups hid what they considered to be kitveh kodesh at the settlement of HaYachad, which they accepted, as the writings contained holy Names that they did not want to be desecrated.

As for Xian scholars skewing matters: So what else is new? They learned to do that from their progenitors - Pharisaic Jews.

Thank you for leading us to this site, carin, or whatever your name is that you don't have the courage to let anyone know for fear and shame.

Keep on keeping on. No one does a better job of proving me right than you :0)

P.S. No one who feels compassion wishes someone to feel terror. Your pink Freudian slip with lace is peeping out, again. Neither would I ever serve the idol that you serve that demands terror. The God of Israel asks that we love. The only fear we should have is fear of separation from HaShem. Terror is strictly pagan - and so is your ersatz "Judaism".

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat