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Thursday, August 28, 2008


In response to a couple of requests that I've received, I've begun to create a series of videos treating the Kabbalah, the true Kabbalah, which is none other than living a life of increasing loving-kindness and plumbing the depths of the Hebrew language, which is the gateway to Godconsciousness.

The first few parts of the series have been uploaded onto Google.

As of this evening, I'll have five parts on Google.

I'll be adding more as time allows.

Please be so kind as to start with this, the first part of the Intro.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

True Kabbalah - Path of the Just

There is so much misunderstanding about what the Kabbalah is.

In fact, the Kabbalah is a simple, straightforward programme of self improvement that arouses God above to infuse us with Supernal Wisdom insofar as we are able to integrate it.

The video I made is in three parts.

Here is a link to Pt. 1. It will lead you to the other two: