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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

VIDEO: Mystical Anarchy

I've uploaded the first 6 segments of "Mystical Anarchy
" on You Tube. The first 3 segments on You Tube are in one part on Google.

The following is the video's synopsis:

Discussion of Anarchy as an Ontological Principle of which the political expression is only one aspect.Discussion of Anarchy as the social setting that will enable Human beings to cultivate the very best that is in us.Refutation of the idea that private property bestows upon us freedom, strength and independence. In fact, it is shown that the vast majority of us do not really own private property at all.Jews are often accused of being the source and promulgators of Communism. Our accusers mean statist Marxism when they say this. This is the Communism, i.e., Mystical Anarcho-Communism, that our Tradition speaks of.

This is the link on You Tube:

This is the link on Google:

The fourth to sixth segments on You Tube will be the second part on Google. It's uploading now.