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Saturday, April 10, 2004


For the time being, let us look only at the varying approaches to
Talmud Torah (study of thef Torah) as described in these accounts.

In Philo's account of the Essenes (as translated and presented) we
see that they concerned themselves only with the moral aspects of
philosophy [see Chapter 3(80)].

According to the suggested version and translation of Yoseph ben
Metatiayhu (Josephus), the Prushim (Pharisees) concerned themselves
primarily with logical analysis [see Para 03, 012].

It is my contention (not that I mean to be contentious) that the
approach to talmud Torah (learning Torah) of the Essenes which
required rigorous control of the passions, uncompromising self-
discipline and the quest for *absolute justice* is the true way of
learning Torah and the only one which ultimately leads not only to
moral perfection, but also to clarity of perception and depth of
thought. Our Prophets, of blessed memory, are called N'vi'ei HuEmet
V'Tzedek -Prophets of *the* Truth and Justice. In other words, The
Truth in Judasim is nothing other than Justice. In order to perceive
The Truth one must be just, because the distortions and
decompartmentalization of the personality which one creates in
oneself as a result of being unjust, necessarily fracture all
perception. All those who would concern themselves with science and
philosophy, then, must concern themselves with how the created worlds
are conducted according to the Laws of Justice, as revealed in our
Holy Torah, which are identical with the Laws of Hebrew grammar, upon
which all perception is ultimately based.

The approach of the Prushim (Pharisees) employing logical reasoning,
while appearing to be rigourous and dignified, ultimately leads to
nothing but more questions and quandries, neither does it refine the
character. By employing methods of logic only, the mind becomes
addicted to its own illusions, including the illusion that one is
very intelligent and concerning oneself with very lofty matters, thus
the ego is reinforced and HaShem cannot be approached.

This is not to say that we are not to think analytically. It is to
say that we must be able to resolve the rational with the super-
rational, without devolving into the irrational.

I posit that by engaging in logical reasoning one enters a state of
being ever more perplexed in perpetuity, as questions generate more
questions, not answers. Ultimately this leads to fatigue and

I further posit that it was the Pharisees, and *not* the Isi'im who
opened the door to Christianity by adopting a Greek way of thinking,
which addicts the mind to thought and thus keeps people in a state of
thrall and away from Godconsciousness. It has been my experience that
in our days those who practice and encourage pseudomysticism and/or
those Rabbis who have mass followings, and the accompanying political
and econimic sway, are the very same who also tout the Ramba'm.

That's it, that's the challenge.

An anecdote: When my son, tzaddik v'tamim (righteous and wholly
innocent) was about four or five yeas old he attached a rubber band
to one of his toys. He twisted the rubber band and then released it
to see how far the toy would fly again and again. Each time he
twisted the rubber band one more time to see the effect of releasing
the ever-more tightly wound rubber band on the toy. I approached him
and said: "What you're doing is called 'dynamics' in physics. Does
it interest you very much?" To which he answered: "It's all love,
Mom. I'm just trying to understand how HaShem is showing it to me
now." Truly, the world is created from the breath of babes learning

With blessings,