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Monday, April 26, 2004


Letter To A Gentile Wannabe

Over the years a number of Xians have tried to surreptitiously "milk" me of information about the scrolls and HaYachad. A number have tried to gain entry into my Yahoo! group Essenes Jewish and Real. The most recent attempt to gain entry comes from someone who calls himself a "nilveh" (a status that has no basis in the scrolls). He is also a member of the Yahoo! group "Evyonim" yet another hopelessly confused bunch of Gentiles, probably Xians, mixing Evyon beliefs with Essene social structure. The Evyonim group caused me more consternation than many as it openly calls for attracting Jews and adjures its members not to reveal the identity of Jews who are members. Beware!

I also want to bring the matter of Gentile pseudo-Essene groups to the attention of the public because these people are doing terrible harm to the sacred work of tryng to reconstruct the Judaism of HaYachad. I want to state in no uncertain terms that I disavow any association or likeness to any of these groups. I call my groups Essenes Jewish and Real and I mean it.

Here is the text of the response that I sent to him:

Let me be frank and blunt.

I took a look at the Yahoo! group of the Evyonim yesterday. I found another group of rather confused Xians. I was dismayed that people attempting to restore the way of life of the Evyonim were fashioning their society after HaYachad. I find your explanation that you didn't know that the name appearing on your e-mail is Moderator of Evyonim rather unconvincing. At any rate, you have been associated with them, and that is enough for me to keep far away from you.

I saw the names of people there who tried to get into Essenes Jewish and Real before there, names of people I rejected for various reasons.

I am not a Xian. Neither will I be associated with it. I more than suspect that when you talk about a prophet returning you mean Yeshu or someone equally disturbed and misleading. Both of the Evyonim groups were proto-Xians.

You are entitled to your delusions. We both live in democratic countries, after all, wherein freedom to be deluded is the bedrock of society. But I do not share your delusions. You are no "nilveh" and no "Essene" and never will be.

As I've said to more Xians and all sorts of wannabes over the years than I can recall: Instead of trying to arrogate our religion, a exercise in utter futility, get a religious life of your own.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat
Owner and Moderator of the Yahoo! Group
Essenes Jewish and Real;
ICQ Group Master Essenes (Isi'im)
Blogger of Essenes Jewish and Real