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Thursday, April 29, 2004


Marketing the Pseudo-Kabbalah

On the Forum of the web site of Tzfat, under General Discusssions,

you will find a thread entitled "The Galut As Ignorance of How to Read the Torah".

On that thread you will find the recommendation of a contributor that I visit a site and the URL to the site. Upon visiting that site I found one of the most glaring examples of misuse and marketing of the pseudo-Kabbalah that I have encountered in awhile. I do not think the intentions of the woman who owns the site are dishonorable. I believe she really thinks she is helping people. I think she herself has been misled by her mentors.

My responses to the B-I-G BUSINESS of marketing the pseudo-Kabbalah are to be found on that thread.



This is a letter I sent to Sara Schneider, Owner of A Small, Still Voice. The subject title was: I'm sorry I had to be gruff. I will also send a copy to Rabbi Ginsburgh.

Dear Sara:

I'd like to share a short passage from my book נקבה - הקרבנות והכפרות with you. I hope it will help make you understand why I reacted to your "Eating as Tikun" as I did:

Here is the passage:

Please consider the following חילופים:

השטן = 700+9+300+5 = 1014 = 15 = י-ה

The author is aware that the reader will most probably find the above חילופים for the value 15 disturbing. Upon opening our hearts and minds to the חילופים we become increasingly aware that everything, absolutely everything, without any any exception whatsoever, is ה' יתברך בהתגלמות....We have gone beyond the duality of "good" and "bad" - all is השם. We are now able to understand the meaning of the מדרש that tells us that before אדם וחוה ate the fruit of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil השטן = י-ה was external. After they ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil השטן = י-ה became internal. That is, they understood that both the "good" and the "evil" are י-ה.

Consider this חילוף too:

הנחש = המשיח

You have been taught that אדם was led into sin by חוה who listened to the instruction of the big, bad נחש. How wrong your teachers are! המשיח came and taught the secrets of Torah to חוה. Your teachers have never had this truth revealed to them. They do not know and presume to teach.

Please allow me to demonstrate one last חילוף:

משיח = נחש = השמחה = ספר הגי = את ספר תורה = 1357 = 358

You, my dear lady, *are* the ספר תורה. Understanding this is משיח.

Everything you have been taught about what משיח is in the Pharisaic/Rabbinic tradition is wrong. Now go and learn from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It is because I am aware of this that I cannot conscience the dissemination of pseudo-Kabbalah. It is also the reason that I am not all sweetness and light. God is not all sweetness and light. How, and why, should I be? When I have to rally my yetzer hara to defend the Truth of Torah I can, and do.

Sara, I am sure that you are well-intentioned. I am also sure that you have been mislead by those who understand but a smattering of Torah. Please, be careful and responsible about what you teach.

With blessings for a Shabbat Shalom,
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat :0)