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Sunday, May 02, 2004


This Is The World To Come

The conception of what “this world” and “the next world” are is one of the most central and widespread misunderstandings in the Pharisaic/Rabbinic tradition. Not only did the Pharisees misrepresent the understanding of the righteous Tzaddokim entirely, they created the galute which their students, the Rabbis, perpetuate because of this misunderstanding.

Let’s see what the Holy Language reveals about these matters (for one of the ways the Prushim confounded matters was by using Aramaic, and then Yiddish and Ladino, thus taking us away from the Source).

Let us look at the Hebrew expression עולם הבא

הבא = 8 = ח = אהב = אגד

Thus we can reread the expression עולם הבא as its anagram and perfect permutations:

עולם הבא = עולם+ ח = חולם + ע

We see that the expression עולם הבא is equal to ע+חולם. Now every word עולם is written with ע+חולם, thus every word עולם always contains the words עולם הבא within it.

In addition to the ע+חולם in every word עולם we also have a ל and a ם and a קמץ.

The letters ל + ם, which equal 630 taken together, equal the expression בחיים.

The קמץ equals 1040 or 41. One of the חילופים for the punctuation mark קמץ that also equals exactly קמץ, and is thus a perfect permutation of קמץ isהקהל שם . One חילוף for the value 41 is א-לי.

Taking this all together we know see that the word עולם punctuated with a חולם and with a קמץ should be read עולם הבא בהיים שם הקהל . In other words, we, הקהל are always there.

The fact that every word עולם contains within it the words עולם הבא and yet more, i.e., the ל+ם+קמץ is what generates worlds within worlds and, in our subjective experience, the unfolding of worlds in a continuum of time, one succeeding the next. Whether or not we are able to experience the ongoing and the simultaneous as one, and the content of the worlds unfolding, as they present themselves to our consciousness is a matter of our spiritual/moral awareness, which is none other than how true to Torah we are.

Now, lets look at the work הוא.

הוא = 12 = זה = בי = בטא

From these very few חילופים, which should be readily apparent, unless one has been blinded spiritually/morally, we can see that the word הוא, which can mean ‘that’, is equal in value to the word זה, which means ‘this’. They are also equal in value to the word בי, meaning ‘within me’, and the radical בטא, ‘to express’. We can see, then: this and that are identical in Hebrew and that both exist only within the person and that they are the result of expressing something, to wit: the Torah. The breath we express when we pronounce Torah is that which creates the world we live in.

Clearly, then, the words ההוא, which is the word ‘that’ with the definite article and הזה, which is the word ‘this’ and the definite article are one and the very same. Let’s see more:

ההוא = הזה = 17 = טוב

We have learned Truths essential to know. עולם ההוא and עולם הזה are identical and they are both עולם טוב and the ע+חולם in every single word עולם is equal toעולם הבא.

We have seen that there is absolutely no disparity, or difference whatsoever, between ההוא and הזה. They are one and the same and they are both טוב. We have seen that every noun עולם says עולם הבא בחיים מעלץ no matter what the adjective that describes the world is.

The fact that the Diaspora is the only, all-too-obdurate, reality for most Jews is as a result of the fact that the Pharisees hid this knowledge away and the Rabbis, in turn, did not know it to pass it on to their students. I suspect that some of the Rabbis did know it and that is the reason why we found the Tzaddokite Fragments in the genizah in Cairo.

We now know that העולם שכלו טוב, is העולם שכלו הזה and עולם שכלו ההוא here and now, there is no other reality at all and if you are not there now you won’t be there in some “then”, because there is no then.

If these simple חילופים are not apparent to you, for indeed they require no particularly heroic exertions of תלמוד תורה you may be sure that you do not understand תורה properly and the very fact that you are already in עולם הבא, for that is the only world that there is, is escaping you. This is reason for extreme spiritual/moral concern.

Shavu’a Tov,
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat