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Saturday, April 10, 2004


Consciousness and the Letters of the Aleph-Beit

The letters of the Hebrew alphabet are numerical values as well as symbols. Therefore, when reading a text in Hebrew one is calculating as well as reading. This means that there are an infinite number of possible readings of the text because there are an infinite number of substitution values for any value. All of the readings are, of course, identical according to the Identity Principle.

In traditional Hebrew numerical analysis the letter aleph is equal to
*both* one and to one thousand (the Hebrew word for 1000 is eleph).
Beit would therefore be two or two thousand or 1001. Gimmel would
therefore be three or three thousand or 1002 or 2001. When reading a
text we never know which is "the" value of the letter. We *choose*
the value of the letters, and thus the meanings of what we are
reading, both in the Text, and in our experiences once we have
saturated our consciousness with Hebrew and the perceiving in the
substitution values begins to come naturally. Moreover, the numbers
themselves have names. The name of the number one is 'echad' in
Hebrew; it is written aleph, cheit, dalet and thus is numerically
equal to 13, 1012, 4009, 8005 and so on. Going further each of the
letters have names and they too have numerical values and infinite
substitution values. Words are punctuated in Hebrew with punctuation
marks and diacritical points. The names of the punctuation marks and
diacritical points have names, and thus they too have simple values
and infinite substitution values. Again, we *choose* which values we
assign to the letters proceeding from the fact that aleph equals one
and one thousand.

This does not mean that interpretation of the Hebrew text is a free-
for-all. As the Power that Is would have it, Hebrew is subject to
its grammar and syntax. These rules are seen, as one progresses into
the depths of the Hebrew language, to be identical with the moral
laws that govern the creation of all phenomena at all levels,
everywhere, in all possible times and even beyond these limitations.
Please note that I am not discussing any secret mystical or
allegorical interpretations of the text. Actually one needs to be
able to free oneself entirely from any and all meanings of the words,
as they are usually understood, and concentrate entirely upon the
play of the letter-numbers one with the other and amongst themselves.
The fact that there exists a language which is grammatical-
mathematical has far-reaching consequences for the understanding of
consciousness. Firstly, the "right-brain/left-brain" duality problem
is resolved. An adept at the Hebrew language is performing
calculations even as s/he thinks, reads, writes or speaks.
It should be stressed here that I am not referring to the average
speaker of Modern Hebrew on any street in Tel Aviv. To have the
ability to make the deeper of levels of Hebrew become conscious-to be
able to see creation occurring - requires years of great devotion to
learning and the sincere desire to nullify one's ego into
Consciousness. Slowly the mind ceases to be a run-away train and we
become aware that it is we who are reading ourselves into existence.
We also see that the Laws of Retribution and Blessing are indeed very
real because we live the world that we read (create) for ourselves
whether we know it or not. It is far preferable to know this and be
morally sensitive enough to create a benevolent reality for
ourselves. One becomes able to create at will and, at higher levels
to self-create at will; to call the Self from Nothing to Being. The
ability to read the Hebrew Bible on a level deep enough to do this is
never conferred before one is ready. So, I am able to reveal that
this knowledge exists without revealing a secret weapon. There are
no weapons or means of getting rich in any of what is written here.
The Bible reads as a compendium of stories and commandments to the
untrained mind. However as one peers deeper unexpected levels of
reading become apparent. The Hebrew Bible comes to be seen as a
lattice of the grammatical-mathematical structures it contains. On
deeper levels still the Hebrew Bible instructs us how, according the
rules of grammar-morality to combine and permute the letters-numbers
of the text, their factors, exponents and so on, and instructs us
which phenomena will present themselves to consciousness as a result
of doing so. At the highest levels that I know of one is absorbed
into the level at which the Godhead transcribes Itself into
existence. The levels beyond this are unknowable so long as we are in
our bodies. However, one can reach the level of experiencing the
body itself as it is being created, and participate in this at will.
This means that I determine how my soul appears in space-time.
There's no magic here either. I'm talking about a level of
consciousness far removed from such nonsense-not requiring or
desiring these things at all.

It should be stated most emphatically that more than the physically
beautiful are vain about and attached to their beauty, the
intellectually gifted are vain about and attached to their
intelligence. The unconsciousness mind is far greater, and faster,
than the conscious mind and loves "head games". It is that level of
thought that needs to be brought under control. Meantime, it
presents all sorts of delights to the conscious mind and distracts us
from our goal. To reach the level where thought can be observed we
need to reign the unconscious in. That requires overcoming the "ego
trip" of being intelligent and not allowing ourselves to be
entertained by all sorts of fancies and delights the mind creates for
us, thereby throwing us off our course. This takes decades of
dedicated work.

The truth is essentially simple and evades those who busy themselves
with sophisticated hermeneutics completely.

This is the truth of the Hebrew language that our sages passed down
from antiquity. The greatest modern exponent of this knowledge is
Rabbi Avraham Abulafiah who lived in 13th Century Spain. His works
were systematically scattered among various libraries and archives in
Europe. Rabbi Abulafia's words were censored by The Vatican and
leading Jews for about 800 years. In the last few years five of
Rabbi Abulafia's books have been published in Israel.

It is noteworthy that our sages advised their students to read the
empty spaces within and around the letters in a text-to read the
blank areas too. Some of the letters of the Hebrew language describe
other letters within themselves when printed and around themselves as

Mathematics appears to be so set to a set mind, when the mind is
freed to think more flexibly it conceives of mathematics differently.
Some people who "can't do math" actually sense this instinctively and
don't bend to the rules. Although it is true that at the beginning
levels of using the various values of the letters of the Hebrew aleph-
beit in hermeneutic exegesis it would appear that we are adhering to
the rules of a kind of arithmetic, albeit far more flexible
arithmetic than the system we are familiar with, this level is
transcended by the adept and the "meanings" of the values are shed.
We arrive at a level which is beyond either mathematics or grammar, a
level from which all possible systems of mathematics and grammars may
be derived, i.e., from which all worlds may be constructed and
deconstructed. It is not our intention, however, to create and
destroy for the sake of being able to do so. Our intention is to be
able to create justice and truth and all that may proceed from them.
Actually, the way to this level is blocked as a matter of course,
except to those who approach it with the purest of intentions. There
is no danger of someone "stumbling" upon this knowledge, or it being
revealed by one who has it, except by the will of very "high" orders
of Godliness.

Though it is certainly never too late to begin learning Hebrew as
described here, it would be preferable for the linguistic-
mathematical-moral properties of the Hebrew language be taught to
children right from the very beginning of their learning the aleph-
beit. Children are indeed taught that each letter is also a number,
but they are not taught the significance of this fact, nor are they
instructed to read Hebrew and calculate at once. They are not asked
what moral lessons are built into the letters, words, sentences and
so on. The result is that children are taught to read in such a way
that only a one-dimensional text appears before their eyes, rather
than an ever-changing kaleidoscope of levels of meaning. The most
unfortunate result is that the reality in which we live as adults
seems to be a fixed given. As readers and interpreters of the Bible
we encounter a text in which the commandments seem harsh; the stories
quaint if not inane. The Bible is mirroring back the harshness in
our own character and our own inability to connect time frames into
timelessness. Smugly, we think ourselves too sophisticated for such
nonsense. But it is we who have not learned how to confer sense upon

Hebrew is the substrate of all consciousness and all of the other languages are combinations and permutations of Hebrew. Only Hebrew letters are at once linguistic/mathematical/moral phonemes. Though the Greeks attempted "numerology", only the Hebrew letters are linguistic/mathematical/moral phonemes. Only in Hebrew can the first letter of the alphabet equal both one and one thousand, with all of the ramifications that fact contains. The laws of the universe are governed by the very same laws that are the grammatical laws of Hebrew. A master of the Hebrew language not only calculates as s/he reads and perceives countless other possible ways of thinking of/perceiving any given phenomenon, matters of ethics and morality are clearly understood corollaries of any given thought.

I hope this very brief overview has whetted your curiosity to learn
more. Of course becoming proficient in the Hebrew language is the
sine qua non necessary to begin these inquiries. It is not enough to
merely know about Hebrew. The sincere desire to acquire this
knowledge is the true key. Each soul that attains this knowledge
rectifies an entire reality - the reality s/he is the Creator of.
G-d is not the Creator, just as G-d does not exist. G-d confers upon
Wo/Man the blessing of existence so that we may create Heaven for one
another and ourselves.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat