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Saturday, April 10, 2004


There once was a wise and loving King who had amassed a fortune
greater than he could ever expend. He decided that he would open his
vast treature troves for one day and allow all of the subjects in his
kingdom to come and take as much as they could carry with them during
the space of exactly one day.

Being wise, he knew he had to limit his naturally generous spirit so
as not to give his subjects greater wealth than they could manage
without harming themselves and one another. He decided that he would
allow each of his subjects' character and wisdom to determine how
much wealth they would actually receive.

He sent the royal cryer throughout his kingdom announcing: "Come one!
Come All! On such-and-such a day the King will open the door to his
treasure house and each of you may come and take as much as you can
carry with you during a period of 24 hours exactly, starting at

The great evening arrived and before sunset all of the King's
subjects were already waiting excitedly outside the palace gates to
be allowed into the treasure house.

The king did exactly as he promised. He had the doors of his
treasure house opened and then gave orders for the gates to the
palace to be opened exactly at sundown.

The Kings subjects jostled hurriedly through the gates and thronged
the courtyard. Immediately upon entering the courtyard they were met
with all kinds of wonderful entertainment. Food and drink, clowns
and acrobats, belly dancers and sword swallowers. The atmosphere was
festive and delightful.

"I have an entire day to collect my treasure and it is still only
evening. I'll enjoy the night. Comes day I'll collect the treasure.
These are such naive pleasures, let the children enjoy themsleves",
most of them thought to themselves. The children laughed and played
gleefully through the night to their parent's pride and joy.

Came day, yet more enticing and sophisticated entertainments were
offered: job offers, homes at long-term mortgages, political
positions, clerical ordinations, advanced degrees, offers to travel,
research grants, privileged information on important and esoteric
matters and every imaginable and unthinkable sensual pleasure.

"Ah, finally, after an entire night of catering to the children,
entertainment for us" the adults thought. And so they
enthusiastically delved into all of the delights, challenges and
opportunities presented to them by day, which wholly fascinated and
consumed their attention, talents and efforts.

Day turned to afternoon, afternoon to sundown...and the doors of the
King's treasure troves were closed.

This blog is for those who walk straight through the courtyard and
into the tresure trove and don't stop for even a moment to glance at
the entertainment.

With blessings,