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Saturday, April 10, 2004


Numerology: Wannabe Gematria (It Doesn't Stand A Chance)

In order, as speakers of English, to get an idea of what gematria is
and why it is employed as the central exegetical method in talmud
Torah (learning Torah), please read:

"Consciousness and the Hebrew Language", the blog directly preceding this one.

If after reading the suggested article you have questions, or as
someone once said, it sounds like numerology (HaShem help him!),
please write with your thoughts.

It is written in Pirke Avot [Wisdom of the Fathers](roughly
translated) Rabbi Eiezer (ben) Chisma says "Purchasing and the
calculation of the onset of menstruatiion are the essentials of Torah
Law; the calculation of cycles (for the purpose of determining the
times of Festivals) and the numerical computations of Hebrew words
are the delights of wisdom." [Pirke Avot, chapter III, para 18)

The correct interpretation of this passage is that the considerations
of the laws of purchasing and the onset of menstruation are matters
of immediate concern and can be done while in an ordinary state of
consciousness applying ones knowlege (da'at) of Torah; whereas the
computation of the times of the Festivals and the gematriot
(numerical computations) are conducted in the state of consciousness
known as Chokhma (Wisdom). It certainly cannot be that Rabbi Eliezer
(ben) Chisma is stating that the correct calculation of the times of
the Festivals is not essential! Neither can it be that astronomical
computations are being discussed. As is well known, great Torah
scholars typically do astronomical computations while releaving
themselves in order not to think of Torah at that time, as it is
forbidden to consider Torah when one is releaving oneself. If anyone
wants to argue my interpretaion in favor of the more accepted
interpretation, roll up your sleeves and write.

The gematriot are the device used to bring the Jew into a state of
expanded consciousness and enables us to attain Chokhmah. Whereas
the 'end of the road' for the Hindu or the Buddist is the the
realization of the Self as God playing at being human, for the Jew
this realization is as we say in Israel: "Boker tov citah aleph."
(Good morning first grade).

With blessings,